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The Law Office of Sworn Advocate Egils Radzins was founded in 1992.

Since the founding of the Office a number of well-known lawyers have launched their legal practice within it: Dace Jenava, Anna Kovaļevska, Santa Liepiņa, Sandis Petrovičs, Kristīne Zīle, Agnese Osīte, Armands Rasa, Justīne Haka and Gundega Kārkliņa.


Since its founding, the Office has provided legal assistance to clients in the areas of civil, commercial and administrative law. At the beginning of its practice, and in collaboration with colleagues from the USA, the Office helped clients in trials regarding land reform, denationalization of real estate and enterprise privatisation, gradually becoming one of the most knowledgeable experts on property rights issues. The Firm has significant litigation experience in civil and administrative cases, starting from process initiation up to representation of clients’ interests in the Constitutional Court.


The Office has successfully represented the interests of its clients in the European Court of Human Rights, achieving a significant recovery of compensation in cases Vistiņš un Perepjolkins vs. Latvia and Dzirnis vs. Latvia. The Office provides representation of its clients’ interests both in court as well as aiming for out-of-court dispute resolutions. We are proud if the judgment of the court in cases involving our Office lawyers serves as an example for the subsequent interpretation of the law and is useful for future applications.

We are pleased if we manage to help our clients in the preparation of transactions, avoiding disputes in the future and protecting our clients from an unnecessary waste of time and resources. By participating in the negotiations of transactions, we consistently protect the interests of our clients, being ready to compromise so that a formal legal dispute does not become an obstacle to achieving significant results.







Graduated the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia in 1987.
Member of the Latvian Collegium of Sworn Advocates since 1990.
Egils started his career by actively taking part in disputes connected with the denationalization of
properties and soon becoming an expert in Property Law and real estate deals.
He opened his firm in 1992 while working as a sworn advocate for the Riga District Court and
representing people in civil disputes, hereditary rights and administrative cases.
Egils represents clients not only nationally but also at the the European Court of Human Rights.
He is also arbitrator in the Riga District Arbitration Court, Riga International Arbitration Court and
Kurzeme Regional Arbitration Court.
Egils has been a board member of the Latvian Collegium of Sworn Advocates since 2008 and since 2010 participates in standing work group of Civil Procedure Law amendments at Ministry of Justice.
He has been awarded the Ministry of Justice Badge of Honour and the Sworn Advocate Badge of
Honour for his outstanding contributions to the field.

Provides services in Latvian, English and Russian.

Egīls Radziņš

Sworn advocate, leading partner




Dace Jenava

Sworn advocate


A member of The Latvian Collegium of Sworn Advocates since 1998.

Graduated the Law Faculty of the University of Latvia in 1987.

Graduated the Institute of International Affairs of the University of Latvia post-graduate studies in International Law and Economic Relations in 1994.

Since 1994 acting in major law offices she has represented the interests of her clients at all levels of courts of general jurisdiction and has obtained experience representing clients in transactions. She specializes in family law, obligation law, residential tenancy law and property rights. She has obtained certificates of professional qualification improvement program in the field of protection of children's rights.

Certified mediatore since 2014.

Languages: Latvian, English, Russian.


Agnese Osīte-Ābola

Sworn advocate


A member of The Latvian Collegium of Sworn Advocates since 2006.
In 2001 graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia.
In 2008 graduated from Turība University and received a master’s degree in Law.

In 1998 started working in the legal sphere, in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia as a State notary, later continuing her work as a lawyer in both state and private institutions, including in the Public Utilities Commission and in Latvenergo AS.
By working in law firms since 2004 has gained experience in drafting various types of legal deals,
including, but not limited to real estate transactions, acquisition of companies, franchise agreements, rent/lease agreements and other commercial transactions. Agnese has represented clients in all levels of courts, including the Administrative Court as well as Arbitration Courts; has represented clients in connection to their participation in capital companies, including representation in meetings of shareholders and in court. Agnese has experience in dispute resolution in cases of immovable property administration.
Agnese has provided legal aid to companies in resolving day-to-day legal issues, including issues
regarding labor law, consumer/client complaints, representation in courts, and drafting of deals.
Agnese has received a certificate in protection of children’s rights.
Specializations: obligations law, ownership rights, labor law, rent/lease relationships, administrative

Speaks Latvian, English, Russian and Polish languages.


Monta Baranova

Senior Lawyer


Līga Medne

Office Administrator


Photo by Jānis Deinats



Blaumana street 11/13, Riga, LV-1010
Phone: 67284280
Registration number: LV40203322255


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